Online Payments only through PayPal (credit/debit). We do not accept fax or email reservations.
NO e-checks will be accepted if they will clear AFTER the event. Note: Only prepaid reservations appear on the final reservations list.

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ONLINE: You must indicate the name(s) of the person(s) for whom the paid reservation is being made under the "INSTRUCTIONS TO SELLER" on the PayPal payment page.

Contact Information: For our attendance list and for security purposes, you must list your contact phone number and the names of all guests who are paid for by you. If you do not provide us with a telephone contact number, we will not be responsible for any inconvenience you experience if we are unable to reach you in an emergency.

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CONFIRMED RESERVATIONS: Only prepaid reservations are confirmed reservations and are on the final reservations list. Your online confirmation receipt from PayPal is your confirmation.


WHW/LAFTV events are always pre-paid by a certain deadline (on-time reservations). However, some events may allow pre-paid "late reservations." There is an additional fee for late reservations, the amount of which will be posted if applicable to a particular event.


If you attend any WHW event without a pre-paid reservation, you will be required to pay the posted walk-in or late reservation price for that particular event. "Walk-in" payment is cash only or otherwise noted.

If you are a late “walk-in” and still wish to hear the speaker, or stay to network, full walk-in rates will apply.

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• All paid reservations (prepaid or walk-in) are non-refundable, including late arrivals.
• A prepaid reservation may be transferred to someone else for the date paid for only.
• No-show pre-paid reservations cannot be rolled over to another WHW/LAFTV event.

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There is a $25 charge for all bounced or returned checks. If we receive a bounced or returned check from you, and you do not honor it or make good on it, you will be placed on our “DO NOT ADMIT BLACK LIST” and will be required to pay ALL MONIES DUE (including bank charges), before you are allowed back into any WHW, LAFTV or Sandra Lord event.

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Due to heightened security measures, if you are not recognized as a WHW member or  event regular, you will be required to show a valid and current photo identification, to be admitted to our events. If the event is held on a studio lot, when making a prepaid reservation, you must list your full legal name as it appears on your I.D.

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8. ATTENDEES: Our events serve a broad, multicultural constituency. We welcome writers, producers, directors, filmmakers, actors, singers, musicians, dancers, attorneys, financiers, casting directors, talent representatives --  ANY and EVERYONE looking to advance to the next level, gain access, network and expand their circle of connections, or looking for employment or career-enhancing opportunities. Progressive and like-minded men are welcome (and encouraged) to attend our events.


Unless posted otherwise, casual attire would suffice for most WHW/LAFTV events. You will be refused entry and no monies will be refunded if you are not dressed appropriately (i.e., business attire) if advertised as the dress code for a specific event. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

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10. RECORDING DEVICES: STRICTLY PROHIBITED. We DO NOT ALLOW ATTENDEES TO USE ANY RECORDING DEVICES OF ANY TYPE at our events. Failure to comply could result in confiscation of the device, ejection from the event, and/or prosecution for a violation of applicable laws.

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11. PARKING: Parking information is usually provided when available.

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It's great that you come to the Women Helping Women and LAFTV events to hear and make contact with the guest speaker or panelists. However, you should also attend to network with the people whom a particular speaker might attract, whether the speaker is in your field of interest or not. Also, make it a priority to get the contact information of the speaker and others in whom you are interested before you leave. Our events are extremely time consuming and it is impossible to return phone calls about a past speaker or panelist.

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Guest speakers’ and panelists' attendance is confirmed, schedule permitting. In the event a guest speaker or panelist is unable to attend, we reserve the right to provide or not provide a substitute, or the right to initiate a different format (which might not include a substitute) for that event. In any such situation, since our venues will still require full payment, our “no refund” and “no roll-over” policy for all reservations shall apply.

14.  MORE INFORMATION: More information about our events can be obtained by visiting this site often or join our email list.

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There is only ONE email list for all of Sandra Lord's events. You can click on the "Join our Mailing List" here: www.HollywoodNetworkingBreakfast.com

Please note that by being on this list, you will receive notices for all of Sandra Lord's events and sometimes info on the events of some of our partners/sponsors. Your information is never shared or sold and is kept in the strictest confidence.

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16.  EMAIL LIST NOTIFICATIONS: In an effort to help you get your reservations in on time, we will send an initial email with the current event's information, and two reminder emails, to give you ample notice and time to meet all deadlines.

Thank you for your cooperation.
We look forward to seeing you at our events!!