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Former CAA Agent, Andrea Nelson-Meigs with writer/comedian/whw emcee, Paulara Hawkins (who won an opportunity to meet with her privately) and literary manager, Angela Cheng Caplan (© HGEN)


Panelists accepting appreciation gift bags
Panelists show appreciation for WHW Thank You gift bags (© HGEN)


 Producer, Bonnie Bruckheimer charms the crowd into singing "Happy Birthday" to her grandmother, which she happily videotapes (© HGEN)


WHW Members-Only Pre-Luncheon networking Schmoozefest with panelists (© HGEN)


Talent agent Julie Wolf queries the panel.
Talent Agent & WHW member, Julie Wolf asks a question of the esteemed panel (© HGEN)


Attendee, Sunny Hilden a Grammy Award-winning songwriter came prepared and shows what it's all about  -- networking! (© HGEN)


Then President of Mandalay Television/Exec VP Mandalay Pictures, Elizabeth Guber Stephen chats with new "protťgť" Joanne Watson who won an opportunity to shadow her for one day (© HGEN)


Penney Finkelman-Cox, Co-Head of Sony Animation poses with Deborah Wakeham, who won an opportunity for a one-on-one private meeting with the top exec (© HGEN)


Attendees network at their tables over a delicious lunch (© HGEN)


Liz Sarnoff [R] (writer/Exec. producer, Lost) chats with lucky attendee, Stephanie Kwong [L]. Stephanie won an opportunity to have a one-on-one private lunch wih Sarnoff (© HGEN)


(L-R) Music manager, Margaret Locicero, Lucky Attendee, Danielle Dillard, who won an opportunity to meet privately with Casting Director/Producer, Kim Williams, and Capitol Records executive, Laurel Stearns (© HGEN)


Talent and Literary Manager, Judy Coppage chats with an attendee (© HGEN)


Attendees soak up all the panelists have to offer
(© HGEN)


Nettwerk America Senior VP, Maria Alonte McCoy chats with attendees (© HGEN)


Innovative Artists Agent, Nancy Nigrosh [L] chats with an attendee(© HGEN)


Lucky Attendee Leslie Lehr [L] will meet privately with producer, Bonnie Bruckheimer [R] (© HGEN)


Talent and Literary Manager, Judy Coppage poses with Broocks Willich, the actor/producer who will have a private meeting with her (© HGEN)


Singer/songwriter/actor, Donny B. Lord [L] shares a laugh with Brillstein-Grey Entertainment manager/producers, Margaret Riley [Center] and Kassie Evashevski [R] (© HGEN)


Erika Green, Former Director at Oxygen Media [Center] (now writer on The Mentalist) chats with attendees (© HGEN)


They came in as strangers and left as friends: L-R
Producer, Judy Johnson, Writer/Producer, Vickie Jenkins and Actress, Rebecca Brunck found friendship and collaborating opportunities (© HGEN)


Karen Sandler [L] will have a private one-on-one meeting with Kassie Evashevski [R], Manager/Producer at Brillstein Grey Entertainment (© HGEN)


Talent and Literary Manager, Judy Coppage [R] chats with some male attendees (© HGEN)


Lucky Attendee, Jonna Tomases will "do lunch" with Erika Green, former executive at Oxygen Media (now writre on The Mentalist) (© HGEN)


Writer, Kimberly Seilhamer [L] will have a private one-on-one meeting with Kassie Evashevski [R], Manager/Producer at Brillstein Grey Entertainment(© HGEN)


Nettwerk America Senior VP, Maria Alonte McCoy [L]
poses with Grammy Award winning songwriter, Sunny Hilden with whom she will take a private meeting.
 (© HGEN)


ABC Family Executive, Brooke Bowman will take a private one-on-one meeting with actor/producer Christina Lemon (© HGEN)


Suzan Olson [L] with show-runner, Nancy Miller [R] Suzan won an opportunity shadow Nancy on the set of "Saving Grace" and got a chance to write for the show! (© HGEN)


WHW Founder, Sandra Lord personally
welcomes attendees
(© HGEN)


Casting Director & Producer, Kim Williams [R] chats with attendees (© HGEN)


HBO Executive, Jenni Sherwood [R] chats with attendees (© HGEN)


Attendees network after check-in (© HGEN)


SUZAN OLSON: Supervising Producer, Television
(new WHW member)

 "WOMEN HELPING WOMEN is just an incredible organization. You really feel the positive energy of other women who really want to help you and Iím just so thrilled that I am a part of it now. And, this is an organization that I've been looking for for years! Thank God I've finally found it!"  UPDATE: Through Women Helping Women, I was paired with Nancy Miller, Executive Producer of "Saving Grace." I joined her in Canada to work on the pilot. I'm very excited to report that I ended up getting a writer-trainee position for the first seas and finally got to WRITE A SCRIPT FOR THE SHOW!

NANCY NIGROSH: Former Agent, Innovative Artists & WHW Luncheon Panelist

"I think the organization has an irresistible name for me, Women Helping Women Ė that whole idea is something thatís incredibly appealing. A lot of people helped me when I needed help, so Iím glad that I was able to do that with this event. There were just many ways that people communicated that back to me. Thatís what I think part of success is, to be able to give people information in their journey to get to where they want to go. This event has the possibility of accomplishing just  what it says.  The mission statement that you have, the pledge, I thought was wonderful. The fact that you named the tables also -- the way you presented it in a very succinct, two or three lines about  the careers of women -- that made them very inspiring. I felt instantly from the moment you sat down that you were in a place of being inspired."


AMANDA BLUE: Director/Producer (luncheon attendee)

"The important thing is that while the Women Helping Women luncheons are elegant and well-organized, they are not elitist. I like the fact that people at all levels and all ethnicities are able and willing to come together in this setting to really network, share and help each other. I made some great connections...most rewarding events I've attended."

SUNNY HILDEN: Grammy Award Winning Songwriter (Luncheon Attendee)


"It was a wonderful event. I loved the energy of so many women with similar dreams in the same room. Thank you for creating these events. It was my first and I'm sure I'll attend more in the future.

All the best.

SABRINA GENNARINO: Actress (luncheon attendee)

"This is actually amazing and brilliant. I donít thinks that there is any other place on the planet that youíre meeting Bonnie Bruckheimer and Nancy Nigrosh, Nancy Miller and people from Brillstein/Grey under one roof - - where you can literally build and make the relationships that will last a lifetime - - that are going to get you to the next level! Itís not going to happen!!" I have one of those "Everything happens the way its supposed to" success stories from previous Women Helping Women luncheon. [See below.]


J.M. WOLFF: Screenwriter (luncheon attendee)

I L-O-V-E-D the Women Helping Women luncheon. There are so many people here in the industry that I wouldnít have had the chance to meet had I not come here. I love the fact that there are people here who actually can help you. THIS IS A NETWORKING EVENT!! It is not a place just to come and eat. There are people here that you can actually connect and meet with.

TERRY WORHACH: Talent Manager (luncheon attendee)

"Sandra, this is actually fabulous - - as always! It was even like, beyond my expectations which were already high!"

KIM ESTES: Actor (luncheon attendee -- male)

"Great event Sandra! From my perspective (as a male), I thought that the insight I gained was invaluable. To get a glimpse of some of the inner thought processes of casting directors, show runners, agents, directors, producers and writers was truly insightful. Powerful and positive messages from powerful people in the industry. I recommend this event to all who care to get a different perspective. I find it refreshing to hear and understand more about the many facets of Hollywood and the business of business. Thanks for pulling this event togetherÖjob well done! All the best always."

BONNIE BRUCKHEIMER: Producer & WHW Luncheon Panelist


"I had a wonderful time and thought the women were terrific. Thanks for inviting me."

ERIKA GREEN: Director, Acquisitions & Development, OXYGEN MEDIA
& WHW Luncheon Panelist

"I had a great time interacting with everyone and I felt quite honored to sit with such luminaries in the field on the panel. The questions were varied and thoughtful and I came away from the afternoon not only as someone imparting information, but as a person who gained in knowledge from the experience of others. You are doing great work!"

BRENDA MCCOY: Screenwriter (new whw member & luncheon attendee)

"If you are going to eat lunch anywhere in Hollywood, the 'Women Helping Women' luncheon is the place to be! I liked the support, I liked the openness. I liked the lack of ego in women sharing their experiences and willing to help other people get ahead."


LYNN SALVATORE: Stunt Coordinator (whw member/luncheon attendee)
   -- "Once again this was a wonderful, very informative event!" --

SHARON NASH: TV Producer & Screenwriter (luncheon attendee)

"This is so fabulous for women to come together like this! Also that we got to sit at the table with the panelists. I sat right next to Penny Finkelman Cox [Exec VP Sony Animation] and that was really a blessing because I got to find out about her. Now I didnít push upon her right then, but I found out some information about her that now I can have a way to approach her with what her interests are and who she is as a person! Even though I didnít win the opportunity to meet with her one-on-one privately, I still got a chance to meet her and have one-on-one time with her. I was very happy about that, because sometimes you go to panel discussions and you donít really have access to them. This one was great! A long time ago I went to one of your Breakfasts [the Hollywood Networking Breakfast] and I met the VP of UPN. I followed up with her and she referred me to a lot of people, so it was a very good relationship. These are great opportunities, but you have to put in, you canít be a person that comes in and sits like a ____ you know. You have to work it. And you have to know how to do that. So I appreciate what you guys are doing!

Oh, and I went over and talked with Judy Coppage and I told her about my screenplay and she said that I could sent her a logline via e-mail and that she would take a look at the logline. So thatís - - I mean that good. So you know just to have access to these people is excellent!! "

VICKIE JENKINS: Writer/Producer (luncheon attendee)


"It was great energy in the room. I donít remember the last time I was at an industry event where that many successful women were all gathered in one place. So, the weight of the quality of their work was overwhelming. So, I was very excited about that and they were very open and accessible in sharing their stories and itís inspirational to me. I met a lot of people and had a good time."


EUGENIA CARE: Actor, Singer, Voiceover Artist (luncheon attendee)


"This was my first event with Women Helping Women and I kind of hesitated at first, but Iím so glad that I just took the plunge anyway because Iíve met a lot of really wonderful, powerful women and what was interesting to me is that I asked a question that seemed to me just kind of ordinary, and I had four or five women come up to me afterwards and go ďOh, gosh, that was so great what you said and what you asked. Thank you for doing that because I know there a lot of women in this room that are of an age also - - that really - - you know - - you asked the question, and thank you for doing that for us!Ē And I was like ďWHAT?Ē Whow, well okay! Youíre welcome. Youíre welcome. It was great. And some people came up to me and said ďYou go for it girl, you just go for it girl!Ē I got a lot of positive feed back, reinforcement and encouragement. And thatís what this is about, I do believe!

(new whw member & luncheon attendee)

"Today I really felt the Women Helping Women process Ďcause I got to talk to a lot of the people that I wanted to and likewise I got to talk to people who I was able to give some advice to so Iím driving home really happy! It was actually excellent!! It was amazing! I am amazed.

SEDA MELKONI: Producer, Journey Productions (luncheon attendee)

"I enjoyed this luncheon very much. I thought it was an incredible opportunity for different women from all parts of the industry to come together not only to get advice and help from the panelists, but from other people setting around you at the different tables. So, it was definitely a very open and diverse opportunity. As always, this was done very well...everyone was involved. I liked very much the way that it was set up. You did a great job putting it all together!!"

KIMBERLY SEILHAMER: Screenwriter & Founder, The Brass Brad
(whw member & luncheon attendee)

" Women Helping Women is a unique and phenomenal opportunity, in an intimate setting, to meet like minded professional women, who share the same creative passion. The panelists were remarkably open and receptive...really looking to help other women in this very difficult business...to embrace others and allow us to do the same. We are all empowered!"

KRISTIE LATRAY: Actress, Writer, Producer (luncheon attendee)

"I thought the luncheon today was absolutely wonderful. I enjoyed how all of the women were very open. They answered each and every question and afterward they even gave some of their time to answer more questions. So it was really awesome and I enjoyed it a lot...tremendously. I learned a lot also."

MITCH HARA: Actor, Writer, Producer, Director (luncheon attendee)

"I love being surrounded by women. I love the energy of women when I do surround myself in creative projects with women so being in this forum, I totally support it."

WENDY L. KAYSING: Screenwriter (luncheon attendee)


"Sandra, I also left an abbreviated version of this message email on your voice mail.
As a writer, and one who lives outside of Los Angeles, I attend many local and a few LA events, but so far I've found it difficult to connect with those who can really give me a "hand-up"--your event did just that.

I can honestly say I made some excellent connections--I was able to submit my material directly to one of the panelists. In addition, I met a manager/producer who invited me to submit to her both a screenplay and a television concept! I also connected with two independent producers who requested my scripts and one is interested in having me write a script. I appreciate your sincere desire to have the "right people" connect with the "right people."

Over the last few years I have attended a number of breakfasts, seminars, and networking opportunities, but I have to say this luncheon was by far the best event (and best organized event!) I have attended with regards to gaining access to the greatest number of high level, high caliber people who have the ability to further my career as a screenwriter. From the beautiful setting, to the great food, to the presentations, to the question and answer session, to the actual networking opportunity...everything was there in one place. It was excellent in every way. I also loved your emcee, Paulara -- I thought she was wonderful. I highly recommend to anyone to attend one of your luncheons. --I've already have told several friends about Women Helping Women and I'm just very happy I attended! Again, thank you for making real things happen for women seeking to make the right connections. It was well worth the money that I spent."



JEFF GUND: Film Composer (whw member and luncheon attendee)

"All I can say is that this event today was so wonderful. The guest speakers were so well informed and so knowledgeable -- just from their years of experience and being at the top of the industry. And they were ever so willing to share with everyone here today. Who can ask for more than that!!"

 DEBBIE LOLLIE: Screenwriter (luncheon attendee)


"I came today hoping to network. I networked and have had some success and most of all I am really feeling empowered."


ELIZABETH GUBER STEPHEN: Then President, Mandalay Television, Exec VP Mandalay Pictures & WHW Luncheon Panelist

"Sandra, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for inviting me to your terrific luncheon. I was so impressed with how well it was coordinated and attended, and how gracious you and your whole team were in accommodating everyone on the panel. It was great to know that you are providing such a wonderful support group to women in our business. All good wishes."

DEBORAH WAKEHAM: Writer/Producer (luncheon attendee)

"I donít think thereís any stopping you, Sandra Lord. I think youíre a force of nature and itís going to be world domination next. In fact, I think Iím going to vote for you if you go into politics. The luncheon event was wonderful, absolutely wonderful and I want to say it was very well organized. You had charming, funny, fabulous women trying to put other charming, fabulous funny women together and nobody was impatient. I love all the place cards so I could read what everybody did before we sat down and that broke the ice. And thank you for choosing me for [the one-on-one private meeting with] Penney Finkelman Cox, sheís sweet and kind and all of these women wanted to give kindness -- kindness is better than art or kindness brings patience too in art. So thank you so much for putting me together with her as well."

MARIE PEDERSON: Writer/Camera Person (luncheon attendee)

"I thought the luncheon was fabulous. The food was great, but the women were even better! They were very articulate, very helpful and direct -- and I think thatís what we need - - and also supportive."


RACHEL ROBINSON: Voice Actor (luncheon attendee)


"This is an amazing opportunity - - not just to get more familiar with this particular industry, but to look at other facets, meet the amazing women who are at the top of their game, and get a chance to connect with them. So this is a great opportunity for anybody -- whoís not just looking to make it in Hollywood so to speak, but to connect with some really interesting and smart people."

BROOCKS WILLICH: Actor/Writer  (luncheon attendee)

"I was gratefully chosen to meet with Judy Coppage, one-on-one. We had a great meeting before hand -- we sat and chat about a half an hour before the luncheon and we got to catch up on what each otherís "up to." Judy iwants to see my reel and read my scripts before we meet so that we can have an intelligent conversation. So, Iím just going to go in and take the meeting -- Iím not going to think of it beyond that. I got to chat with people at my table and I met some others. I went and spoke with a few of the panelists afterward, got their business cards. So I met the [Grammy Award winning] singer/songwriter. I met a couple of producers, I ran into some friends. You sat me right next to someone who is near and ear to my heart and you didnít even know. And, coincidentally, you sat the only other person she knew here next to her on her left. Yeah. So that was kind of magical. Yes. So this was REALLY a phenomenal experience and thank you again for selecting me to meet with JUDY. I really appreciate it!"


ROSARIO SCHULER-UKPABI: Talent Agent (luncheon attendee)

"I am a talent agent. My agency is "Oh My Nappy Talent Agency" on LaBrea. This is something that was more than needed for me. I needed to be able to intermingle with other people in this industry and this helps me a lot, because, you can see some of the pitfalls and some of the problems - - and you can relate to them -- so you know youíre not out there by yourself. I thank you Ė thank you for doing this."

JUDITH JOHNSON: Producer (whw member & luncheon attendee)


"Women Helping Women -- such a fabulous luncheon and an event! It was so great to work a room of accomplished women, get information from panelists, be able to understand their challenges and how far they have gone in their career and see the possibilities for ourselves. I think a real key in Women Helping Women is not just being able to get with those who have made it, but to be able to network and start relationships with those who are still striving to make it. Networking is truly about the relationships, and, as the relationship grows, the networking takes a different turn and grows to a different level.


JANICE KENNEDY: Writer (luncheon attendee)

"The thing that I liked most about the Women Helping Women luncheon was sitting with the speakers at the various tables. I was placed with Nancy Miller. Iím a writer and I have a pilot that is under consideration now at Touchstone Television. So it was great to talk to her about her experiences in television and I was really happy to be at her table."

MARSHALL FERGUSON: Manager / Producer
(whw member & luncheon attendee)


"Iím with Journey Productions. I just want Sandra to know that this was a fantastic luncheon, like the others. Besides the food being great, with a choice of salmon and chicken and whatever else you want and the extremely delicious dessert, the panel was even better than the food. They had some women here that knew everything about anything and they freely shared their knowledge and time with everyone. This is what we need -- to give the young women and the young men encouragement and opportunity. Women Helping Women presents real opportunity and Iím looking forward to the next one in July, and the next one after that one, and the next one after that one. It was a great day, and Iím happy I came."

DAWN HOFFMAN: Luncheon Attendee

"I thought the luncheon was great. I thought it was a nice forum for people to ask their questions from professionals that have walked in their shoes before."


PAMELA BEATY: Writer (luncheon attendee)

"This was incredibly enlightening and informative and you were a great host. It was wonderful and I think the most important thing is that the women were actually interested in helping women instead of pretending!!"

TYRA MASON: Actress/Singer (luncheon attendee)

This is a thank you for the wonderful Women Helping Women Luncheon last month. It was my first time attending and I enjoyed it. I was amazed by the caliber of women that were there ready, willing and able to answer all of the questions posed to them.

I was particularly impressed with Ms. Erika Green from Oxygen. She was amazing, poised, real, and very gracious. I think she stayed longer than any other panelist after the luncheon to speak with everyone who had questions. She touched my heart so much that I just had to send her an email not knowing that I would hear from her. To my surprise, she responded to me very timely. That meant a lot to me. It shows that the ladies Sandra invites to attend the luncheon are not just women of notability, but are women with substance who are passionate about reaching out to help other women.

Thanks for making this luncheon available. It is needed and appreciated. I hope every women who's in the business or aspires to be in the business will attend at least one of the luncheons. This indeed is a valuable tool to help fortify, and empower us to keep pressing on and not give up. By the way, the food was delicious. I look forward to the next luncheon!


MAGGIE TERRYVIALE: Producer, Screenwriter, Artist
(luncheon attendee)

"Thank you so much for putting on wonderful events like 'Women Helping Women' and the Hollywood Networking Breakfast. Fabulous!"

DARLENE K. MERCER: Producer (luncheon attendee)


Thanks for a wonderful expererience. It was my first with this group and I look forward to many more.


SABRINA GENNARINO: Actress (luncheon attendee)

This is one of those "Everything happens the way its supposed to" stories.

I signed up for the last "Women Helping Women" event and wasn't able to make it. I had offered my seat to my friend Shana Sosin. Shana and I are developing a film and we are both acting in it. We knew what we wanted our story to be and we have a producer, but we just didn't have time to write it nor felt qualified to, given the story we wanted.

Shana attended the luncheon in my place and truly enjoyed it. While there, she met a fantastic life coach. They agreed to do some work together. During that time, Shana talked about our project and that she needed a writer. The life coach suggested a great one. Shana has since met the writer -- our producer has since met him and now I have met him. He's our guy!! He's done a fantastic job and we couldn't be more pleased and grateful. We are shooting our trailer in a few months, then we will be in Pre-pro for the feature.

Now the cool thing here is...I wouldn't even think of a life coach who by the way is also helping my husband with his business as a personal trainer, one of the best in LA) and we never would've found our writer. Because of how open Shana was, and where she was sitting, and because she went in my place, we have an amazing future. And you put it there for the taking.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Sandra. To you and everyone who works with you. [Note: Sabrina Gennarino also got her agent from attending the Hollywood Networking Breakfast, founded by Sandra Lord and produced in L.A. to benefit Changes Images In America]