About Women Helping Women

Women Helping Women™ (WHW) fulfills a need that is not actively or seriously being met in the entertainment industry. WHW is a vibrant movement, committed and determined to empower, promote and mentor women in a variety of innovative ways.

Founder of Women Helping Women, Sandra Lord.

Sandra Lord

At the heart of WHW is Sandra Lord, an advocate who has demonstrated time and again the passion she shares for inclusiveness, diversity and self empowerment, especially as it pertains to the entertainment industry. Ms. Lord is also the founder of the popular, award-winning Hollywood Networking Breakfast®, Changing Images In America, Creative Career Strategies and Tomorrow's Stars, among others.

Women Helping Women™, although under the auspices of Hollywood Global Entertainment Network® (also founded by Ms. Lord), is designed to function as its own entity — an exciting, innovative resource to specifically address the needs of a crucial sector of the workforce in the entertainment industry. The goal is not solely to create parity — the goal is to also empower. Empowerment breeds change. WHW effects positive change in Hollywood.

Women Helping Women™ is structured to help members make connections and maximize career and employment opportunities. WHW's goal is to build and foster a network of members who can make a difference — to represent a strong and unique voice that dispels and destroys the myth that women have difficulty working together. All about personal relationships, and embracing the concept “it’s not who you know, but who knows you,™” WHW seeks to establish a sense of community amongst members, whether they are striving to attain, or maintain, a certain level of success.

In a nutshell, the WHW network exists for the purpose of supporting, assisting, and empowering women in entertainment, and for the mutual benefit, education, support, mentoring, networking, collaboration, work opportunities, and general career advancement of its members.

MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS PERKS! Members have gotten representation, partnerships, employment, "meetings," mentorships, financing, referrals, connections, friendships and a variety of other benefits from WHW membership.

Visit our Membership section to read about our mission statement, membership benefits and information on how you can become a WHW member; read what members and event attendees have said and are saying about WHW on our testimonials page...and be sure to attend one of our fun, exciting events to make connections and establish new relationships.


Supervising TV producer, Suzan Olson [L] with show-runner, Nancy Miller [R] at a WHW event. Suzan won an opportunity shadow Nancy on the set of her TV pilot  for "Saving Grace" and got an opportunity to write a script for the show (© HGEN)

Producer, Bonnie Bruckheimer charms the crowd at a WHW event into singing "Happy Birthday" to her grandma, which she happily videotapes at a recent WHW event (© HGEN)

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